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J-Check is a quick, convenient, and cost-effective way of providing testing and documentation of English language proficiency for your institution’s incoming J-visa scholars. This Jameson Global-owned service is in direct response to increased scrutiny of J-visa applicants, as well as greater enforcement of the English proficiency documentation requirements. Make certain your institution is in compliance with the English language proficiency and documentation requirements, as mandated by the US government.

Benefits to your institution include:

Institutional Member Set up Instructions:

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IMPORTANT – Please note: J-Check does not set English language proficiency requirements….that is at the sole discretion of your school. We simply provide an English proficiency assessment of each prospective scholar and the corresponding documentation through our comprehensive reports.

Once registration has been processed and approved, you will be able to preview your school’s J-Check webpage and customize with any additional pertinent information.

  • Example: Schools may include specific J-Scholar policy or score requirements if desired.

Include your Custom J-Check School Testing Webpage link on your J-Scholar webpage and/or forms. Your prospective J-scholars go to and click on your school logo. They will then pay the $99 USD online and will receive the instructions, practice diagnostic test, and real test ID within 48 hours. The test ID is valid for 12 months and may be used any day or night – no testing restrictions.

That is all there is to it!

  • There is NO institutional registration fee, annual fee, or any other direct cost to the university.  It is FREE to become a J-Check school.
  • Superior Testing Support:  The J-Check team makes it as  simple as possible for institutions, providing an abundance of guidance on testing instructions and technical requirements to ensure a smooth testing experience for your J-Scholars.
  • J-Check is here to help! We encourage J-Scholars to contact us directly regarding any testing or technical requirement concerns.
  • J-Check tests 365 days a year and your scholars may take J-Check from the privacy of their office or home as long as they have their webcam activated to allow for Fotosure to operate.

That is it!

  • An official J-Check grade report will be provided to both your University and the J-Scholar within 24 hours of testing for use in the J-visa process.
  • J-Check reports are valid for two years.

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