Test Instructions

Please review ALL technical requirements before attempting any J-Check testing.

Review Technical Requirements Page

Take the Practice Diagnostic J-Check Test. To get an overview of the test structure and format first visit the Basics page. You will receive the results from the practice, diagnostic test within 24/48 hours. We recommend you review these results before taking the official J-Check test. If you feel comfortable that your English proficiency is high enough though you may skip the practice test and go directly to official J-Check testing.

Take the Official J-Check Test. With official J-Check test ID and password in hand, go to the J-Check Test Link and complete the pre-test check and registration and then start on the test. Covering grammar, listening, reading, writing, and speaking, the test is 85 minutes in length.

Test Day Instructions

for BOTH Practice Diagnostic AND Official J-Check Test

Please have your PRACTICE J-Check iTEP test ID and password OR your OFFICIAL J-Check iTEP test ID and password ready.

It should look like this example:

  • Test ID: 197689505AP
  • Password: 80754

If you have not purchased a test ID, you can purchase one now.

Please have your headphones ready, or volume set to maximum on your computer speakers.

Please make sure your webcam is turned on and positioned to view the test taker.

Please be prepared to go through the Technical Checklist (see technical requirements page) first to ensure optimal testing.

The set up page will check:

  1. Your browser (Chrome or Internet Explorer)
  2. Internet Connection Speed 
  3. Audio Player:  Test to make sure the volume is high enough that you can hear
  4. Voice Recorder: Please select “yes” and then test to make sure your speaking section can be recorded
  5. Asks if your test requires a webcam – please select “yes
  6. Click “next” and insert your Test ID and Password
  7. Complete the registration page. You MUST complete the required(*) sections of the registration.

Take the test. Please Read the Instructions Carefully. On some sections (grammar) you can go back and review your answers – on some sections (speaking and writing) you cannot. You have a maximum time of 80 minutes and you cannot stop the exam once you have started.

If you have problems with any of these instructions or the actual test, please Email J-Check for assistance. Please include the nature of the testing issue you are concerned about. We strongly recommend you take the diagnostic practice test first to familiarize yourself with the exam and testing process. Happy Testing!